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Upper Lid Ptosis Correction

Plastic surgeons at bodySCULPT® in Manhattan, New York City perform upper lid ptosis correction for patients with functional and aesthetic complaints caused by Ptosis or upper eyelid drooping. This age related or congenital condition can affect one or both the eyes with intensity ranging from mild, moderate to severe. The surgical option to correct this is safe and not too complicated, offering excellent aesthetic results.

The corrective surgery for upper lid ptosis involves lifting of the eyelid. This is achieved by tightening the weak levator muscles which cause hooding. The procedure offered at bodySCULPT® is result oriented and customized as per the requirement of individual patients. It is performed with extreme care and precision so that the eyelid retains its normal position, while the eyes achieve a natural and symmetrical look.

Ptosis surgery

  • Can be easily performed on an outpatient basis
  • Can be done under local anesthesia
  • No risks involved in general anesthesia
  • The patient remains comfortable and awake under light sedation
  • Minimal pain or discomfort
  • Minimal scarring
  • Quick recovery

Upper Lid Ptosis Correction – Aesthetic and Functional Benefits

  • Takes away tired or angry appearance
  • Improves general appearance
  • Gives the face a focused, and well-rested look
  • Improves upper and peripheral visual field
  • Improves quality of vision
  • Restores the normal appearance of the eyelid
  • Improves symmetry of eyelid contour and height
  • No more eye strain or eyebrow fatigue
  • Provides a youthful look
  • Increases self confidence

Specialized Treatment at bodySCULPT®

Patients who undergo upper lid ptosis correction at bodySCULPT® receive specialized treatment and attention. At our premier plastic surgery practice in Manhattan, NYC, our patient friendly staff ensures that you feel comfortable and cared for.

For more details regarding ptosis repair or to schedule a consultation, call 1-800-282-SCULPT (728578) or send an e-mail to info@bodysculpt.com.